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June 21, 2013
Spain, Costa Adeja, Tenerife

Is It Breakfast time yet?

Is It Breakfast time yet?
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June 21, 2013

Dove greeting me every morning on my Hotel Balcony!

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Winning balcony party in Hamburg

The photo the jury liked the most captured the moment just before the ”party”. I think we all wish we were invited to this lovely balcony by Palibo. A Mobile Boombox is coming your way.

Congratulations from the editorial team at Balconies of Europe.

Reform your balcony

rephorm balkonzept_officeWe are constantly looking for new ideas and innovative design that seize the opportunities with a balcony. Michael Hilgers and his design company Rephorm is something extraordinary. Clever ideas and elegant design turns your balcony into a beautiful place where everything seems possible.


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